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Colleges Aren’t Just for Students

custom t-shirt for Edinburgh College of Art  AAH 2016 conferenceA quick search on Google will tell you that our Colleges and Universities are a hot-bed of cultural, social and commercial activity. And they educate people too.

There is  constant stream of conferences, exhibitions, seminars and lectures that are intended both for the student body and for a wider audience.

Acorn Printing has got rather good at supporting the promotion and management of College events with our ability to customise a huge range of clothing and merchandise, with t-shirts at the top of the pile.

We were delighted to help out Edinburgh College of Art which is hosting the Association of Art Historians annual conference in April 2016.  The student assistants will be decked out in some fetching conference t-shirts.

Apart from the vast array of t-shirts we can offer  – not to mention all of the colour, size, style, printing and embroidery options – we also do things right.

If you are organising an event at a College or University why not take a look at our website today. You can build up a quote online or contact us if you need any help.

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