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£10k to #BillyWhizz

Acorn donation to #BillyWhizz

Delighted to say that thanks to so many motorsport fans, Acorn Printing & Tshirtuk.com have donated £10,000 to the @BillyMonger #BillyWhizz appeal.

These donations were in exchange for stickers and t-shirts that we gave away in support of Billy Monger, after his horrific accident at Donnington Park. A few days after the accident I was talking to Paul O’Neill and we both admitted that it had affected us more than pretty much any accident we had ever witnessed. With Paul’s help I set a webshop on TShirtUK.com to give away stickers and t-shirts in exchange for donations, so we could add to the donations on the justgving page set up by Billy’s team JHR Developments.

I never in a million years thought we would hit £10,000 in donations. I have wanted to collate everything and make the donation for the last two months, but people from all over the world kept sending requests in for t-shirts and stickers and the figure kept creeping up. Even now we are getting donations for t-shirts and stickers, so expect small top up donations from us, as time goes on.

I’m super proud of how my team helped to raise this money. With the amount of donations, it certainly wasn’t an easy task to keep on top of it all and to look after our clients at the same time.

Duncan Horlor

MD Acorn Printing Service Ltd.