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Stand Out At Your Next Show With Embroidered Polo Shirts

Make Your Brand Shine at Upcoming Industry Events

With hundreds of alternative brands, solutions, and companies to focus on, standing out at shows has never been more difficult.

Competition is rising ubiquitously, and brands must heed every opportunity to attract attention.

From vertical-roller banners to pop-up displays, Acorn has the machinery, skills, and know-how to produce the most compelling advertising at the show.

Once You Have Your Customer’s Attention

Once you have prospective customers talking to your team, their perception of your professionalism and ability relies on two things:

  1. Your team’s ability to communicate and show expertise in the subject area.
  2. The presentation and branding of your team.

While we can’t turn your team into industry experts overnight (sorry!), Acorn can make sure that they are dressed uniformly in smart, branded clothing.

Embroidered Polo Shirts

Most often, exhibitors will order matching embroidered polo shirts for their team, and to give away.

We embroider eye-catching areas of polo shirts and are versatile with our embroidery techniques.

Harder and Steenbeck Case Study

Recently, we embroidered polo shirts for a German company, Harder and Steenbeck. Harder and Steenbeck was attending a show and wanted:

  • Classic branded embroidery (featuring their logo)
  • Their national flag presented in a subtle but noticeable position

We embroidered the logo on the left breast of the front of the shirt, and on the upper centerĀ of the back of the shirt.

We then carefully positioned a small German flag on the back and front of the collar.

Embroidered Polo Shirts

Are You Looking To Embroider Your Team’s Apparel?

With over 33 years of industry experience, Acorn Printing specialise in creating branded advertising prints for your company.

Whether it is your team’s uniform, merchandise, or your show banner, we have the knowledge and skills to produce the ultimate prints.

Our experts are on hand to help, call freephone 0800 0190 552 for guidance, advice, and orders.