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Embroidered promotional scarves

Sometimes it pays to be a bit different. Have you considered a scarf for your next promotional campaign?

Embroidered logo on a heavy duty promotional scarfActually we provide a pretty complete range of promotional items that can be personalised to suit any occasion. However when the 750 Motor Club, whose competitions the Acorn Printing car is racing in, said they needed something a little different, well we came up with a scarf.

Picture the image of a dashing racing driver or even a fighter pilot of the 1930’s or 40’s.  Their simple overalls or uniforms and helmets were always supplemented by a jaunty scarf fluttering in the breeze. Or perhaps we have been watching too many old films.

Anyway the 750 Motor Club liked the idea so much that they placed an order for several hundred scarves with the club logo expertly embroidered on them.

scarf being embroidered on one of Acorns' embroidery machines

Our embroidered machines did a great job of capturing the logo with that unique embossed effect, which stand out rather nicely we think you will agree.

If the idea of using a scarf to promote the business sounds good to you then get in touch with us direct on freephone 0800 0190 552 to discuss the options or email sales@acorn-printing.co.uk for a free quote today.


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