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Fairtrade & Organic Clothing for Societies

At Acorn Printing we have a great range of Fairtrade & Organic Clothing for Societies at great prices. They can be personalised with your societies name, members name and your designs via printing or embroidery.

Check out our EPONA Men’s T Shirt which is Fairtrade and Organic. In fact, Epona was one of the first companies to be awarded the Fairtrade Foundation cotton certification. There is no difference in Fairtrade cotton and normal cotton quality, the difference is the farmer who has grown the cotton has been paid the right price for it.

For hoodies have a look at our Earth Positive Men’s Hoodie which is made from 100% organic cotton, ethically made which is audited by Fare Wear Foundation and manufactured using sustainable energy which means the carbon footprint of this hoodie is tiny compared to other garments. Our hoodie can be printed or embroidered right here in Coventry.

Our Fairtrade and organic hoodies and t shirts are available for men, women and children in all sizes and a great range of colours.

If you’re interested in Fairtrade cotton have a look at the Fairtrade website.

We can accomodate orders of 1000s of personalised garments or small orders of 1 or 2 for your society using the latest printing technology. Contact us on 0800 0190 552 or sales@acorn-printing.co.uk to order your custom t shirts and hoodies.