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The Importance of Hi-Vis for Riding on the Road

Personalised horse riding and hacking gear. Printing and embroidery

Why Should Riders Wear High Vis?

The British Horse Society reports that in an eight-year period, 38 riders and 222 horses have been killed on British roads in horse-related car accidents.

80% of these accidents are avoidable because drivers are traveling too fast or too close to horses, or both. Yet there is still a staggering 20% of accidents that are caused by riders not making themselves visually prominent on the road.

With so many Hi-Vis items available for horse and rider, from gilets to hat bands and Hi-Vis exercise sheets to fluorescent brush boots – there really is no excuse to not be visible on the road.

It’s also imperative that riders and drivers of all ages are made aware of the highway code where horses are concerned. Best practice is to drive past horses as widely as possible and at a maximum of 15mph.

How Can Acorn Jazz Up Your Riding Gear?

Acorn has a wide range of hi-vis jackets, gilets and fleeces to help you stay safe when you’re hacking out on the road. We can personalise your jackets with your message (e.g. SLOW), your yard name, your own name, anything you like.

One of our favourite pieces is the Kensington hi-vis jacket.  Available in five different colours, this jacket is actually part of our workwear range – a durable piece of outwear for hacking in the variable British weather conditions.

Acorn can personalise this jacket with your choice of print or embroidery.  That makes it a super choice for riding schools, equestrian teams and competing stables.

Have a look at the jacket on our website today and spend a bit of time browsing both our hi-vis, jackets, fleeces and gilets collections.

If you need any help finding a suitable garment or sorting out a design just get in touch.  Simply call freephone 0800 0190 552 or email sales@acorn-printing.co.uk today.

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