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How to Choose the Material for Your T-shirt.

t shirt coloursIt is important to choose the t-shirt you want to personalise based on what the t-shirt is made from, and what kind of material is most appropriate. Different fabrics have different benefits for them.

100% Cotton is extremely breathable and transmits moisture away from the body keeping you dryer and cooler. Cotton is also hypoallergenic and does not irritate the skin. Cotton is a great choice for your personalisation because it is extremely durable and perfect for the majority of wearers.

100% Polyester is also another type of material that is frequently used in t-shirts. Polyester is a synthetic man-made material, it is often a much cheaper option to source in comparison to Cotton. Polyester is a very strong but flexible material and the fabric is quick drying too. Polyester is an excellent choice as the material for your t-shirt as it is inexpensive and resists shrinking and wrinkling as well.

However, most of the time manufacturers will often combine materials to make the most of each material’s qualities. Depending on how stretchy you want your t-shirt too manufacturers often add a small percentage of elastane to the material, this offers a skin tight and very stretchy effect.

Choosing the right material for you should really be based on what the t-shirt is intended to be. If you’re looking for a sporty top then a Polyester blend may be preferred but if you’re after a more comfortable and breathable top then Cotton is the choice for you.

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