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Is Vegan Clothing Going to Take Off?

What is Vegan Clothing?

Vegan clothing is known to be the production of clothing whereby there is no cost or compromise to animals lives or wellbeing.

With the vegan food industry rapidly blowing up in the past 24 months, it is a reasonable question to ask.

Who is Heading this Movement?

Andras Forgacs is the CEO of a start-up brand that creates a vegan alternative to leather. Modern Meadow, who has been creating small quantities of these fabrics for over 8 years, is launching his first full selection of products later this year.

Andras claims that when cows and crocodiles are used to create leather goods, between 50-90% of the animal is wasted due to a pattern or skin imperfection.

He aims to revolutionise the £153 billion leather industry, which is no small feat!

Backing the optimism of changes to the leather industry is business consulting firm Grand View Research. GVR has predicted the global faux leather market will hit $85bn by 2025.

It cites the lower cost of producing animal-free products along with the increasing number of consumers opting for animal-free materials.

Is Vegan Fashion Eco-Friendly?

There’s a tendency for shoppers to assume ‘vegan’ covers all their ethical bases, but it’s a little more complicated than that.

It is argued that vegan fashion tends to put the wellbeing of animals over that of the artisans and farmers who provide the non-vegan materials.

Some vegan fashion pieces are not built to the same standard of lasting quality, nor with materials that will age well, shortening their life span and raising yet more questions about what defines true sustainability.

The Verdict

The verdict is still out for vegan fashion and whether or not it will take off and supersede fashion and clothing as we know it, remains to be seen.

A happy medium must be met between animal welfare, the environment and the durability of our clothes.