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New Term At College? Get Your Personalised Beauty Therapist Tunic

Keep Your Beauty Therapist Tunic Looking Smart

When a customer walks into your clinic, the most important impression that you can give is one of supreme hygiene. Treatments can often cause a mess, using liquid products such as oils, and producing debris such as skin cells and nail filings.

Daily contact with beauty products, as well as wear and tear, is bound to take its toll on your work uniform. Yet, you are the face of your clinic, so ensuring that you look clean, smart and tidy is of the utmost importance.

Ensuring that your beauty therapist tunic is looking fresh and smart is paramount. With personalised tunics offered at such low prices, it’s a great idea to purchase a new one ready for the college term ahead.

Why Are Personalised Tunics So Popular?

Second to recognising your clinic’s cleanliness, customers need to remember your brand. Whether you are self-employed or have a limited company, getting loyal customers to return to you is crucial. Creating a named brand helps clients to refer you, whether it’s via the internet or word-of-mouth.

Having your company name printed on your tunic helps to remind your customer of your brand. Often during treatments, the customer will be in close proximity to the therapist. Take advantage of this, by ensuring that your beauty therapist tunics feature your logo or company name.

What Type of Therapist Tunic Should You Choose?

Whether you prefer a simple, clean design or want a pop of colour to make you stand out, Acorn Printing has something for everyone.

Our tunics are made from various combinations of cotton and polyester. These fabric combinations provide the best level of comfort and fit for beauty work. Choose a style and fit that you like the look of, and view the material details in the product description area.

Most of our tunics can have either print or embroidery work, and branding can be placed on the:

  • Left Breast
  • Right Breast
  • Centre Back
  • Nape of Neck
  • Left Sleeve
  • Right Sleeve
  • Back
Attractive woman wearing a tunic top on a pink background

If you would like to learn more about our personalised beauty therapist tunics, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0800 0190 552