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Personalised Fleece Jackets for Winter Work

Keep Your Workforce Warm and Happy

What’s worse than getting to work and feeling cold? It’s hard to imagine that some companies are still missing a trick here, yet time and time again, we hear our friends and peers talk about discomfort during working hours.

If there is one sure way to keep a hold of your staff, it’s making that their work environment is as comfortable and positive as possible. And guess where we believe that starts? You got it. What they’re wearing!

With fleeces being so versatile, they can be worn for indoor and outdoor jobs, active and stationary jobs, and, more importantly – are brandable and smart.

What Sorts of Fleeces are Available?

Fleeces come in a wide variety of styles, materials and thickness. Where your employees are likely to be positioned, and what they are likely to be doing, is often going to decipher the type of fleece that you should choose.

For those facing harsh environments, and that need to be able to quickly remove their uniform, the Musto Zip Through Fleece is a must. With 240 high loft fleece, this nautical style fleece is both practical and attractive.

Alternatively, if your workers are indoors, the Full Zip Micro Fleece is an attractive alternative that maintains the practicality of more luxury brands, without the price tag. This range comes in a variety of colours and is easily matched up to your branding.

All of personalised fleece jackets can be embroidered with branding situated in various locations. However you visualise your staff uniform, be sure to give one of our experts a call (freephone 0800 0190 552), to point you in the right direction and organise a quote.