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Personalised rowing vests

Your starter for 10. Which Oxford College has Acorn just supplied with rowing vests?

personalised rowing vests for Balliol College, Oxford

Answer. Balliol.

Acorn was delighted to be asked if we could personalise some vests for the Balliol College, Oxford rowing team.

Rowing is the largest inter-college sport at Oxford and there is plenty going on outside of the Boat Race.  There are two inter-collegiate “bump races”, which do involve actual bumping of boats, and a novices-only regatta.

wicking rowing vests balliol oxford

We chose the AWD wicking athletic vest as the ideal garment for the Balliol rowers.  It features Neoteric™ textured fabric, which offers inherent wickability to draw moisture away from the body and the durability needed to cope with the rigours of the sport.

Balliol wanted white vests but there are another 13 colour choices available and a number of printing and embroidery locations available.

Whether you are a rower, runner or racing-cyclist we have the sportswear for you.  Contact us on freephone 0800 0190 552 or sales@acorn-printing.co.uk for a free quote today.


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