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School Logo Printing – Emblem Embroidery For School Uniforms

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Stock up on embroidered and printed schoolwear this autumn, in preparation for the year ahead. We stock tonnes of customisable schoolwear items in various colours, fits, and sizes.

By ordering your embroidered school sweatshirts, polo shirts, cardigans, and fleeces through us, you can save thousands of pounds. With our bulk order bundles, the price per item drops significantly, saving your school money.

Why Is It Important For Schools to Make Uniforms Mandatory?

This topic is commonly debated, particularly due to the price of school uniform. Luckily, our low prices make school uniforms much more affordable. But aside from that, why are school uniforms a good idea?

Firstly, when all children wear a uniform, clothing-related peer pressure and bullying are eliminated. All of the children appear to be the same and to attend the school for the sole purpose of learning. Socio-economic differences between student families become discrete and this helps everyone focus on the school’s priorities.

Secondly, wearing the same uniform gives the student group a sense of unity. The class is joined by one single commonality – what they are wearing. Strengthening a student group in this way aids the development of key skills – such as teamwork and socialisation.

A young child completing a school workbook at a desk

Finally, making a school uniform mandatory can improve the levels of discipline that are present in the classroom. By the children adhering to the uniform code, they are already meeting the school’s rules and expectations before they arrive. This ensures that students arrive in a positive mindset for learning each day, from the very beginning.

How Do Acorn Printing Personalise Schoolwear?

Once you have chosen the desired color and fit of the items, we can inform you of the locations and type of personalisation that we offer. Most often, we will either print or embroider your school emblem on to your garments – depending on the material and your preferences.

Our helpful experts are on hand to give you one-to-one advice about schoolwear personalisation. To get an expert opinion, call 0800 0190 552 now.