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Smart Clothing: What Does The Future Hold ?

What Is Smart Clothing?

Smart clothing (also known as e-Textiles) refers to the wearability of fabrics that have technological components embedded into the lining.

These components range in complexity but can even contain small computers. With features such as batteries and lights, these computers are designed to make our lives more convenient and to give us data about ourselves.

As with any invention, one innovative idea causes a ripple effect and sparks multiple others in the same space. We take a look at the potential health benefits of this up and coming take on apparel.

man wearing a smart technology coat

Wearable Technology and Health Benefits

With the ambition of achieving a smooth integration into our daily lives, these garments are poised to take personal devices out of our handbags and pockets – and seamlessly into our sleeves.

Ideally, remembering items such as your phone charger or your Fitbit will become as simple as getting dressed in the morning.

For example, smart shirts and bodysuits can provide fitness fanatics with biometric data such as:

  • Temperature
  • Pulse rate
  • Heart rhythm
  • Muscle stretch
  • Physical movement

Data collected by the garment is transmitted to an app on the user’s chosen device via Bluetooth.

The ability to do this in real-time could have an extremely positive effect within the health sector. For example, patients with cardiological problems may feel more motivated to monitor their well-being and perform positive health behaviours if they can see the direct outcomes.

Though a lot of wearable technology hasn’t seen the light of day, there are some garments that are already available to consumers. Many of the items that are already for sale are using temperature monitors to aid the user in their current environment.

Man doing leg stretches in gym wear

Sun worshipers can now wear bathing suits that advise them when they are getting overbaked. The health implications of this could be huge, especially when considering the prevalance of skin cancer.

Is Smart Clothing Affordable?

On the topic of thermoreactive garments, shoppers can now purchase gloves that are embedded with heat-conducted wires. These gloves serve to keep your fingers warm on cold days.

While these garments currently have a hefty price tag, increasing competition across the industry will inevitably lead to these products becoming affordable to everyone.

We Print Smart Clothing

Acorn Printing has specialised in the printing trade for over thirty years. We have printed on some pretty obscure¬†objects in our time, therefore, it won’t surprise you that we can print on to smart clothing.

If you want your wearable tech personalised, look no further.