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Unusual client requests. Medieval board game.

We do get asked to print some interesting things.  How about an authentic historic dice board?

Unusual printing request. Medieval dice board gameWe really like printing t-shirts and hoodies, and embroidering polo shirts and caps.  However it does make our day even more interesting when we get special requests.

Gothic Green Oak certainly posed an interesting challenge for us when they asked if we could print a “House of Fortune” dice game layout onto a cloth to create an authentic playing surface.

Apparently “House of Fortune” dates back to medieval times where it became popular in taverns. One of the attractions is that it is easy to learn and play, thus not distracting too much from the serious business of drinking.

Acorn’s design and operational teams put their heads together to locate the appropriate material and work out how to print the design to replicate, as far as possible, a hand written style.  The fruits of our labour were gratefully received by our client and now form part of the company’s portfolio.

Gothic Green Oak specialises in authentic historic games for museums, re-enactment and simply to play. The company thoroughly researches the  games and then ensures they are constructed in the closest possible way to the originals. Gothic Green Oak make games covering the Roman, Viking and Anglo-Saxon periods, Early to Late Medieval, Tudor, Civil War up to Napoleonic times.  It’s worth having a look at their website just to see the many varieties of games on offer and the interesting designs and rules that go with them.

Acorn has a range of specialist print machines and processes to meet your needs, however diverse.  We can also source a huge variety of materials to cater for any eventuality.

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