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Damsels in distress – It’s The Wolf

Could Acorn get the ladies to the race on time?

It was just one of those ordinary Fridays.  Plenty of orders going through and not too much to report. Then all hell breaks loose.

in Leamington Spa are on the phone, with a problem.  They are competing in the renown Wolf Run wild running event at the weekend, but the people who were due to provide them with personalised running shirts has let them down.  Can Acorn get them out of a hole?

Team-Esque persoanlised t-shirt design

First thing to find out is what they need.  Apparently black, long sleeve t-shirts will look fab (we have to be somewhat fashion conscious for a beauty salon) and fortunately our well provided stock room means we have those to hand.

Then the artwork.  Well we can help by using the style of the existing logo and creating striking image with bold Team Esqué lettering to let the other competitors know who they are up against.

Finally can we get the garments printed and delivered on time? Well this is where our investments in clever printing equipment comes in.  It’s so easy to set up print jobs that we just bump a less urgent job off the run and make Esqué the priority.  And as for delivery – well it’s a pleasure (and not too far) to make this one a personal drop-off.

Now it’s over to you girls.

Team Esque Wolf Run teesPostscript: Months, or possibly weeks, of training clearly paid off. The whole Esqué team finished the gruelling Wolf Run and raised a shed load of money for Cancer Research in the process.

It’s a matter of opinion whether the running shirts look better clean or caked in mud.

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